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What are the benefits of a marketing strategy in an accounting firm?

What are the benefits of a marketing strategy in an accounting firm?

What are the benefits of a marketing strategy in an accounting firm?

Find out
how implementing a digital marketing strategy in your accounting firm can really help you grow your business. For several years now, the profession of accountant has evolved a lot and the accounting firm of tomorrow will undoubtedly be very different from the one we know today.


In 2019, 89% of accountants say they have launched the digital transformation in their firm to meet new requirements and face the dangers that threaten the sector.


Among these dangers, competition is increasing and commercial pressure is being felt.


Thus, although word of mouth is still an important vector for the reputation of an accounting firm, this is no longer enough and a web presence has become essential both to generate new customers and to retain current customers


Inbound and outbound marketing


Marketing is all actions that promote a product, service or business to a target audience. When we talk about digital marketing, we include all the marketing actions that take place on the web.


Outbound marketing aims to reach the largest possible audience without focusing on the relevance of the message, while inbound marketing seeks to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right people. In digital, inbound marketing consists of attracting Internet users through attractive and quality content.


In digital marketing, outbound methods concern advertising, display, paid referencing, social ads, database purchase, etc.

Inbound methods, for their part, will rather be blog articles, content creation, natural referencing …


What can a digital marketing strategy give you? 

Promote your firm's offer


Today, it is obvious that a person looking for an accountant is going to do some research on the internet. Even if she has heard about your practice through word of mouth, it is very likely that she will google you online to look at your website, client reviews of your practice, etc. and take the results of this research into account in their choice.

Thus, by having an online presence, your firm will be naturally referenced on the internet and your content will rank in the results of the queries to which they respond. You will then be able to promote your firm's offer through digital marketing.


Position the right offer for the right customer


A marketing strategy adapted to your firm, its positioning and its potential will allow you to capture your ideal clients! That is the clients you want to work with (size, type of business, industry, etc.). This is why it is important to determine the positioning of your firm in order to orient your marketing strategy in this direction.


By being present and maintaining this digital presence, you will be able to build an online community and gain visibility. This can only be beneficial to boost the activity of your practice. In addition, it is very likely to gain you leads and prospects, that is, contacts who have the potential to become clients of your firm.


Build your brand image


Branding is how your company is viewed. It results in part from the characteristics of your service, but above all, from the marketing and communication actions carried out. Today, building a brand image necessarily takes on a very big digital aspect.


A good e-reputation can become a real asset in terms of recruiting talent and clients. Having a good online presence gives your firm a dynamic and youthful image. The image of a firm that lives up to the times and is ready to adapt to future changes. It makes you want to work with you.


Customer relationship management, CRM

With the digital transformation, customer relations have also evolved.


Your customers, too, are increasingly connected. And the development of multiple communication channels allows you to be in constant contact with them today. This gives you the opportunity to get to know them better. An opportunity not to be overlooked to face the new challenges brought by digitization.


Getting to know your customers better thanks to digital technology, will allow you to retain them better! Customers like to feel unique and to have the feeling of a special relationship with you.


To get to know your customers through digital technology, it is necessary to process and analyse the information left by your customers and prospects via your website, social networks, connected objects ... This is called the “Big Data”.


This is where CRM tools come in. These customer relationship management tools allow you to process and analyze all the data collected on your customers and prospects in order to get to know them better and allow you to better personalize your relationship.


However, if you have the opportunity to have so much information about your prospects and customers, they also have the opportunity to get information about you and your competition. The offers are more and more visible thanks to the Internet and this gives the consumer the possibility to compare them and to choose the solution which seems optimal. This is why it is essential for your firm to know how to stand out on the web.


With a good digital strategy, you will be able to attract new prospects, but also retain your current customers by offering them a personalized relationship.

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